Helmut Schäffenacker has devoted much of his creative energy to the composition of ceramic objects. His workshop produced numerous items of fine art as well as diverse utilitarian objects that were placed both domestically and internationally. In addition, he created a substantial body of uniquely imaginative one-of-a-kind objects and contemporary architectural elements.
Yielding to a powerful desire to experiment, he combined both traditional and innovative techniques to produce things such as ash-and-cracking glazes and ceramic vases of unrivaled shapes. As part of the creative process, the artist used repetition of basic form and staggered layering techniques to create new aesthetic variations. Similarly original ideas may also be found in the design of his stainless steel modules.
the spectrum of the ceramic works

troika 1978

ranges from large bas-reliefs and wall plates to variations of animal motifs as bas-reliefs, vases in a wide variety of shapes and colours, to one-of-a-kind pieces.