Otto Schäffenacker   1888 - 1964

The artist´s father was also a fine-arts painter in Ulm.
His preferred motifs were views of the city of Ulm, landscapes, still life compositions, theatre and opera scenes.

One day, from among his city views of Ulm, Otto chose a watercolour to send to Albert Einstein as a remembrance of Einstein´s birthplace. Then, on March 4, 1950, the world-famous physicist responded with a personal letter of thanks.

Elegant in appearance, Otto also had a respectable singing voice and would often give an excellent rendition of the ‘Postillion of Lonjumeau’.

In order to sell his pictures, he would occasionally travel about with a large portfolio of his work.

On November 30, 1948, a favourable review of the exhibition “Schäffenacker, Father and Son” appeared in the newspaper ‘Ulmer Nachrichten’.

There exist several oil portraits of Otto Schäffenacker, painted by his son Helmut Friedrich.

2 portraits of Otto Schäffenacker, oil on canvas

Otto Schäffenacker 1

painted 1947 by
H.F. Schäffenacker,
approx. 50 x 70 cm

Otto Schäffenacker 2

painted 1948 by
H.F. Schäffenacker,
approx. 25 x 35 cm

View of the city of Ulm, Bride´s Lane, Oil painting

 Ulm Brautgasse

Painted by Otto Schäffenacker, approx. 60 x 80 cm

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Exhibition Schäffenacker, Father and Son

Zeitungsausschnitt 1948

Newspaper; “Ulmer Nachrichten”, dated November 30, 1948

A letter of thanks from Albert Einstein, dated March 4, 1950.

Brief von Albert Einstein

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